Wednesday, November 26, 2008


If you are wondering if leftover Thanksgiving scraps are bad for your pets, do not worry. It is completely safe to give your pets little pieces of turkey here and there. Be sure the portion is small enough for them so it is easily consumable. Of course, you want to be sure it contains no bones and it is fully cooked. Raw or uncooked turkey can have salmonella bacteria, which is very dangerous for your pets. Do not give your dog bones, as they can easily choke on them. If sage is an ingredient you use in your Thanksgiving dinner, then be sure not to feed that particular food to your pets. This herb has oils that are not safe for pets and it can cause upset stomach and also depression of the central nervous system. Most pets will sit around the dinner table licking their mouth, just waiting for something to drop. They may whine and beg for you to give them some of your Thanksgiving meal. To keep your pets occupied, try hiding their food and a little bit of turkey inside their favorite toy. It will it keep them from begging for table scraps as they try to dig out the delicious treat.

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your pets!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tip of the Day

Stella the beautiful Bloodhound says, "To keep your pet healthy and happy like me, try feeding pups hard kibble and treats instead of canned dog food to help prevent the buildup of plaque. You can also try Greenies dog treats which are great for removing tartar and plaque. Us dogs love to chew on these nutritional dog treats! As an added bonus, it even freshens our breath!"

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Keep Your Pet Happy This Winter - Avoid The Seasonal Blues!

Sure, you may be dreading the upcoming callous winter weather, but it also can put your pets in a very gloomy mood. According to various studies, 1 in 3 dog owners will see a drastic change in their pets’ moods during colder and darker months throughout the year. However, the solution is as easy as providing an extremely healthy diet and lots of exercise. Start with these tips:

Regular Exercise
If it is too cold to take Fido out for a nice brisk walk, then try playing fetch with your pet inside for about 15-20 minutes a day. You can also play hide and seek with your pet by hiding a rawhide bone in different areas around the house. By using the bone, it will encourage your pet to find the hidden object because he will be able to smell it. Be sure to praise your pet when he does find it. Also, if your pet does not currently have a playmate, try adopting a new puppy! They will stay occupied by playing together and it will also provide them with plenty of exercise.

Change His Diet
Just like humans; dogs also get tired of eating the same food over and over. If you are buying him one brand of dry dog food every time, try switching to a different brand. Offer him wet dog food 1-2 times a week so he will keep his interest in eating. However, you want to be sure not to over feed your dog, as they do tend to be a little less energetic during the winter months.

Sharpen Your Pet’s Mind
Teach your pet a new trick. He may already know the basic tricks such as sit and beg, but try a trick that may be a little more difficult. This will help to improve your pet’s mentality and help keep him from getting depressed because his mind will stay active. It will also make the bond between you and your pet stronger.

Monday, November 10, 2008

How cool is this?

Want to have your own puppy without the hassle of cleaning up after it? Then click HERE for your own computerized puppy! This adorable little dog does cute tricks such as beg, lie down, speak, roll over and even dance! Just type in the command and he will obey. Kids will love this! He will even give you a kiss if you ask nicely!