Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spoiling your pup may be more dangerous than you think

It is extremely important not to spoil a puppy or dog or the owner will end up with a very badly behaved animal. No one wants a puppy or dog that does not listen, barks at will, steals food from the counter or table, begs, whines when it doesn't get its way, or snaps at the owner when the owner tries to take an object away that it shouldn't be chewing on. Yet some owners believe that their pet will love them more if they let them do what they want, give them lots of treats for no reason, and not do any training with them at all. However, nothing is farther from the truth. In fact, it is best to start training your pet at an early age so it will learn good behavior and habits from the beginning. It is important, as an owner, for you to set guidelines and limits for your dog and at least train the pet to do simple, basic commands. By doing this, it lets the dog know that you are in charge and he will not be allowed to get away with whatever he wants. Training your dog is not only safer for your pet, but the pets will love their owners more. For example, if an untrained dog happens to get off his leash and run away, the owner would not be in control of the situation. The owner would call the dog to come back, but the dog would not listen because he is not trained. Dogs need to be trained and need to know what is expected of them. Be sure to socialize your pet so he will not become stingy and aggressive. It is important to praise your pet when he does something right, but just remember not to give a treat to the dog for no reason or he could become confused. And also, as hard as it is not to spoil a brand new adorable puppy, try to resist. Puppies do need a lot of attention, but too much attention can be bad for the owner and the pet.