Friday, June 18, 2010

Dog Behavior Spotlight: Aggression in your Pet

Part 2

Now, part 1 is very vital to learning to control your pet's aggression. Once you train your dog to realize that you are in control, you can move on to the next step. You want your aggressive pup to be able to be around people and other pets without being aggressive. To do this, start out slowly. Remember, if your dog is not neutered, it might make it more difficult to train him.

Keep your dog on his leash at all times during this exercise. This is for the safety of the pet and to those around him. You will want to observe how your dog reacts to certain stimuli. Have your dog sit down. Keeping a safe distance, have a person or another pet to walk past your dog. Notice how your dog reacts. Does he immediately start to pull on the leash, trying to get closer to the person/animal? Does he bark or growl? Whatever your dog may be doing, it is important to tell him "no" so that he is aware it is unacceptable behavior. When your dog reacts in a way that you do not approve of, do the same trick as before and tap him on the shoulder and say "no" and make him sit down and stay seated. As before, it is important to do this several times until your dog understands that he is not allowed to participate in the unacceptable behavior. If you dog begins to understand what to do and stays seated and does not react when the person or pet walks by, you can give him a treat to reward his behavior. However, it is important not to allow him to snatch it out of your hand. Give him the treat and say "good boy!"

It is essential that you are consistent with your dog. If you are not, it will confuse the dog. It is also important that you work with your dog everyday. Although it may get frustrating at times, do not give up. You may not be able to completely control your pet's aggressive behavior but doing these tips will start him on the road to becoming a more well-behaved pet.

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