Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Pets Have Won From The Start

When you first bring home that little furry friend, you want to be with it every second. You are there for it day and night and the constant care of this new pet is almost like a new job you have acquired overnight. From day one, this puppy or kitten has won you over; you make special trips on your lunch breaks to check on your pet, you make sure you have everything they need, and you are allowing your dog/cat on the bed to sleep with you. You are even finding yourself adapting to their habits of sleeping, eating and playing. The PETS have won from the start!

This article from Courier talks about if allowing your pet to sleep in the bed is good or bad.


Jennifer said...

I love this page!! The pet pictures are ADORABLE!! Keep up the good work! The Pet Depot website is looking GREAT!!

Deborah said...

I think you should allow pets to
sleep with you if you want to. It
makes the pet feel like part of the
family and what in the world does
it hurt? But if you don't want
to, no need to feel guilty about