Monday, May 5, 2008

SentryPro XFC Flea & Tick Treatment Concerns!

Pet Depot has had only a handful of complaints on the Small Size SentryPro XFC product, and as of today, the small size is being pulled from our shelves. We will be returning the product to the vendor and will encourage them to examine why so many pets are having trouble tolerating the dose. We have had, in over a year and a half of sales in five stores, no complaints on the other three sizes for larger dogs. Therefore, we will make those available to our customers until they sell out, but at that point we will not re-order any SentryPro XFC for our stores.

We appreciate our customers’ concerns about this product, and we hope that despite difficulty with the product, you will continue to shop for other quality products from our stores. We have been reassured numerous times by the manufacturer that the product meets all FDA and EPA approvals, but Pet Depot is unwilling to stock a product that we continue to receive complaints on and that threatens the welfare of our customers' pets. Sergeants Company website

Thank you for your patronage,
Pet Depot Associates

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