Friday, October 24, 2008

Dog Collar Museum in England

Are you curious about what dog collars looked like back in the 15th, 16th & 17th cenutry? There is a place located in Kent, England called Leeds Castle that has a huge variety of dog collars that trace back to the Victorian and medieval times. The museum was originally started by John & Gertrude Hunt. This castle has an individual museum dedicated specifically for the history of canine neckwear. It carries over 100 antique collars. Many of the earlier collars were designed to protect the dogs from vicious animals such as bears or wolves. Some collars were made of iron with rigid spikes to pierce any animal that would possibly aim for the dog's throat. Many owners had their dog's collar engraved with long identifications such as 'The Property of Earl Talbot. The Winner of the Great Champion all aged stakes for all England 32 Dogs at 20 guin’s each at Ashdown Park. Dec 14th 1838’ The more common collars was composed of brass and had rounded out edges so it would be more comfortable for the dog.

For more information on the Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum, click here.


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