Monday, January 5, 2009

Featured Product: Pedi-Paws Nail Trimmer

For most pet owners, pet nail trimming is not something to look forward to. Most people are scared to trim their pet's nails with traditional nail cutters because they fear they may cut too close to the quick. Especially if you have a pet with black nails, it is almost impossible to know exactly where to cut. Nail trimming is not something most pets enjoy, judging by how most animals react to nail cutting. However, with the Pedi-Paws nail trimmer, it safely and gently trims your pet's nails without the mess. I have a small Dachshund that I used this on, and it worked great. It gave my pet a smooth finish instead of a jagged edge that other nail clippers give. Of course, not all pets will welcome this nail trimmer with open paws. It may take some coercing before your pet will let you trim his nails. I would highly recommend this system to any pet lover! It works on cats too!

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Bliss said...

A man in front of me at a check out line bought refills for one of these. He told everyone in line that it was the only way he could trim his bulldog's nails without much trouble and growling. Sounds like a great product to me!

Becky said...

This product is so great! It gives off a weird smell when you are trimming the dog's nails, but it works great! I would definitely recommend this to everyone who has a dog

K. Robert said...

This is a great product. I just got one for Christmas for my dog, Charlie Brown. I always cut his nails too short causing him to cry, poor dog, I felt awful. Now I use this with no problems. I also recommend Fur-Zoff. It removes pet hair from any fabric and lasts forever. I swear by it! Check it out at