Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cat Proof Your Home

Most cat owners are not aware that their home may be dangerous to their furry feline. Cats are naturally curious and playful, so it is important to keep your cats safe from potentially hazardous situations.

There are other household items that may be dangerous to your cat. Certain foods, such as chocolate and coffee can cause gastrointestinal problems or even death if swallowed in large amounts. Cats are also very notorious for searching through garbage cans, where bacteria thrives. Garbage cans should be stowed away in an area that is out of reach for your cats.

Certain plants, such as aloe, baby's breath, poinsettia, and many others can be potentially fatal to your cat. For a full list of dangerous plants that are toxic to your cat, go to ASPCA's website by clicking here.

It is also very important to never give human medicine to your pet unless directed to by a veterinarian. Some human medicine can be very dangerous to your cat and even cause death. Flea treatments that are intended only for dogs can also be dangerous. Only use flea treatments that are directed for cat use only. Flea treatments are formulated for specified animals and should not be used other than its intended purpose. You can check out our line of cat flea treatments by going here.

Other commonly household items that can be dangerous to your cat include potpourri, coin money, mothballs, fabric softener sheets, batteries, and automatic dish detergents.

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Jeffrey New said...

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