Thursday, March 4, 2010

When to put your dog on a adult or senior diet

Many pet owners ask the same question. At what age do I need to put my dog on an adult diet? When is it necessary to put him on a senior diet?

Small and medium breed dogs and even cats should be placed on an adult diet when they are one year old, with large to giant breed dogs going for a bit longer. This all depends on the breed. As senior pets have the same nutritional needs as other adult dogs, only needing fewer calories, the American Association of Feed Control Officials doesn't recognize senior diets as a separate type of food. Simply feed an older dog a bit less. Cats and small to medium breed dogs may be put on a senior diet when they are approximately seven years old. Large breed dogs between 50 and 90 pounds may be placed on a senior diet when they are approximately six year old, and giant breeds over 90 pounds when they are about five.

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