Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty...

Most cats develop a litter box problem due to the location or the fact that there are multiple cats in the home. They may go in and out of the box, or just stop using the box altogether. There are ways to find out what may be causing the problem.

Cats Like..

Most cats prefer a large litter box. Cats usually like to have a litter box that contains an unscented, clumping litter. Make sure to keep a somewhat low level of litter in the box. This will help to lessen the mess of the litter when your cat inevitably spills it out in the floor. Location is also a huge key factor. Cats need the litter box to be in a quiet location. It needs to be away from any cornered areas, as cats prefer many exits from the litter box. They also need a clean and sanitary litter box. If a litter box gets too fulfilled, the cat usually will tend to use the bathroom elsewhere. Cats also do not like to have their food and water next to the litter box, so be sure to place these bowls in a different location. Sometimes, owners will come across a picky kitty. The choice of cat litter may be another factor as to why your cat is not using the bathroom in the proper area. You may find yourself going through several different brands of litter until you kind the perfect one that is just right for your cat.

Taking Care of Your Cat

Clean the litter box about once a week with warm water. Do not use soap. Be sure to scoop the litter box at least once or twice daily. If your cat is urinating in places other than the litter box, clean those spots thorougly with an enzymatic cleanser that will help to neutralize the odor. You may notice that your cat is urinating in the same area. It may be helpful to put the litter box in these areas. If putting the litter box in these locations is not an option, then you can place the cat’s food and water bowl in the area to discourage elimination.

If You Have Multiple Cats...

As a general rule, if you own multiple cats, it is recommended to have 1 extra litter box than there are cats. For example, if you own 3 cats, you should have 4 litter boxes. This helps to eliminate any conflict between the cats. This can also be an issue for cats if there are not enough litter boxes.

Don't have a kitten?

If you are thinking about owning a cat, then check out ASPCA's shelter directory and it will help to find a shelter near you!

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