Thursday, August 21, 2008

When a Dog's Bark is Really Bigger than his Bite

Barking is a completely natural behavior for most dogs. But if your dog barks excessively, it can really put a damper on things. It can irritate your neighbors or sometimes cause you to lose sleep if your dog is barking throughout the night. Some dogs bark because they are bored or lonely. One way to avoid this issue is to socially exercise your dog. Most dogs bark because they want attention. Playing with and spending time with your dog will help him to meet his social interaction needs. Daily walks are also a good social and physical excercise for you and your dog. Taking your pet around other animals can also be helpful. Buy your dog plenty of chew toys to keep him from feeling bored.

Unfortunately, sometimes these options do not always solve the barking problem. If your dog's barking is causing tension with the neighbors, there are alternatives to controlling your dog's barking. Pet Depot offers a selection of bark control collars and trainers that will train your dog to stop barking in a humane and harmless way.

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