Wednesday, November 26, 2008


If you are wondering if leftover Thanksgiving scraps are bad for your pets, do not worry. It is completely safe to give your pets little pieces of turkey here and there. Be sure the portion is small enough for them so it is easily consumable. Of course, you want to be sure it contains no bones and it is fully cooked. Raw or uncooked turkey can have salmonella bacteria, which is very dangerous for your pets. Do not give your dog bones, as they can easily choke on them. If sage is an ingredient you use in your Thanksgiving dinner, then be sure not to feed that particular food to your pets. This herb has oils that are not safe for pets and it can cause upset stomach and also depression of the central nervous system. Most pets will sit around the dinner table licking their mouth, just waiting for something to drop. They may whine and beg for you to give them some of your Thanksgiving meal. To keep your pets occupied, try hiding their food and a little bit of turkey inside their favorite toy. It will it keep them from begging for table scraps as they try to dig out the delicious treat.

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your pets!

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