Monday, December 22, 2008

Pet Proof Areas of Your Home with Innotek Zones!

Introducing the Innotek Zones Pet Barrier System!

Keep your pets away from problems areas with this pet proofing system! Put the zone in any area you want your pet to avoid, and the zones will teach Fido to stay away. Plus if you have multiple pets, you just need the extra receiver collar. You can use an unlimited number of collars for just one zone! This is perfect if you want your pets to stay out of small children's bedrooms, the trash, counters, etc. As always, this is completely safe for your pets.

Many other online pet stores want $79.99 or more for this system, but we are offering it for $69.99!


Bliss said...

This would be a great help with keeping a cat away from tinsel on a Christmas tree!

Sarah said...

This system really does work. I had a stubborn bulldog who would always get knock over the trash when I would leave for work but now I don't have to worry about cleaning up garbage when I get home. its wonderful